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e-Powered Jetski Pod under your board

Come out of the Water Smiling!
A Really Fun, New Watersport.

WavejetNY; Long Island's source for

wavejet new york, for sup, surfboards featuring the wavejet pod for water fun and excitement

Surfboard / SUP

wavejet dealer and distributer for long island new york including montauk, the hamptons, long beach and all the waves inbetween. wavejet is a new type of surfboard or sup featuring a jet pod that propels a board thru the water two to three times faster than a person can paddle, very cool
  Pau Hana Big EZ 11'0 SUP for sale with wavejet power pod for good time on the water Walden surfboards with wavejet technology from 9'0 to 10'0 sizes for sale 6'6' to 7'1 shortboards for sale with wavejet  
  SUP; 10', 10'6 and 11' Longboard; 9'0, 9'6 and 10' Shortboard; 6'6 and 7'1  

garrett mcnamara jeting on his wavejet sup cruising on a beautiful morning, no noise, no emisions, no problems


New Video - Riding Crumblers

Longboard, Shortboard and SUP
Surfboards from 6'6 to 10'0, SUP 10''0 to 11'0

Wavejet Systems start at 4,500.00
Battery Charger, Wrist Controller, Power Pod,
Blank Pod, Surf or SUP Board and Owners Manual

Exclusive WavejetNY Package Systems include;
Battery Charger, Wrist Controller, Power Pod, Blank Pod, Board, Leash,
Fins, Pods Bag, Board Bag and Carrying Straps, Owners Manual.
Assembled, Charged and Delivered to Your Beach, Marina Slip or Home
with informative 30 minute intro to Wavejet lesson.

Everything You Need for New Fun in the Sun!

You will not believe your happiness from a Wavejet session. A truely great new way to spend time in the water.
Check out the Wavejet web site for the details of the who, what and how this exciting new product works.

Call 631-256-7590 or email; info@wavejetny.com to purchase or schedule a demo session at a beach near you.
Take a read on impressions of Jetsurfing on Wavejets.

cory lopez shredding waves on a wavejet surfboard which powers him down the line

Cory Lopez jetting down the line, feeling might fine... you want to try it to believe it...
wavejet - a new water sport is born - come out of the water smiling...

Paddle longer and further. Take a WaveJet SUP out; paddle out until your tired, then jet back.

Boat People, Wavejet SUP is a great accessory for your cruiser, get around while anchored,
more fun than a tender. Cruising on my jet SUP, gets a smile out of me...

WavejetNY is the Authorized Distributor for Wavejet products on Long Island New York. Dealers and the public welcomed.

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